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Meet the Leprecons

The Leprecons are a band that seriously has fun or funnily is serious about playing Irish drinking songs.


Their trademark is having a rousingly good time with the audience who are encouraged to sing along as best they can and with all their might.


Singing the correct words is also encouraged but not strictly enforced since they are, after all, Irish, Scottish, and English pub songs.


JD Gonzales

Convicted:  excessive blarneying

Guitar, Vocals, Storyteller & Booking

JD developed his musical style and presence with the long-running bluegrass and Americana band "Angels' Share."  Seeking out his desire to fuse crowd-pleasing performances with Irish pub sounds he founded the Leprecons which, of course, gives him ample opportunities for blarneying.

Kirk Griffes

Convicted: possession of craic

Mandolin, Whistle, Bodhran, Vocals & Sound Engineer


A Grand Rapids native with a microphone addiction and a passion for great sounds and great times.  Kirk enjoys playing and learning multiple instruments as well as being the technical guru of the group.


Owen Sharpe

Bass & Vocals


Derek Detman

Convicted: drunk and disorderly

(in an art gallery)

Drums, Banjo, Ukulele & Vocals

As a percussionist and professional boozehound, Derek has a strong love for music and merriment.  He is also the drummer for the band "Scooter McGee".  He thoroughly enjoys playing for an audience, having some drinks and partaking in some pure unadulterated laughter.

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