Meet the Leprecons

The Leprecons are a band that seriously has fun or funnily is serious about playing Irish drinking songs.


Their trademark is having a rousingly good time with the audience who are encouraged to sing along as best they can and with all their might.


Singing the correct words is also encouraged but not strictly enforced since they are, after all, Irish, Scottish, and English pub songs.


Vocals, Mandolin, Octave Mandolin, Tin Whistle, Harmonica, Bodhran, Webmaster

Kirk has been a musician since the day he was born.  From his Fisher Price piano to the Casio keyboard, to the real piano, saxophone, guitar and singin' he's found a love for Irish culture, music and drinks (not necessarily in that order).  While he's mostly Welsh (don't tell anyone) he has found great respect for Ireland and her beautiful land, people and products.  If you've never been to Ireland, you MUST go.

In his professional carrer, he's been known to some as the "AV Ninja" and therefore he has taken on the oh so important tasks of sound guy/technical guru, webmaster and sacred keeper of the Leprojector.

(Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Octave Mandolin, Harmonica, Whistle)



Vocals & Bass Guitar

With a background in jazz, classical and rock music, Owen is always open to any and every type of music that catches his ear.  Jazz allowed him to hone his skill of the most important instrument known to mankind: the bass.  His love of good drink and good song led him to discover the wonders of Irish music; always eager to join in that next sea shanty or pub song.  Since joining the Leprecons, he's been bring out the low-end of the group with bass grooves smoother than any fresh pint of Guinness.


Vocals & Drums

After being frozen for thousands of years, Drok, the caveman, was thawed out by scientists and given a new name: Derek. While his family origin is unknown, he has been drawn to the music and drink of the Irish. After the bewilderment of bright lights and loud noises of our technologically advanced world, he's finally settled into the everyday routine of having to work a regular job to pay for his food and shelter; as opposed to hunting and foraging with his former tribe and beautiful cave-wife Zorna. To ease the monotony of his new life, he enjoys banging out Irish tunes on multiple hand drums and occasionally plunking some strings on the banjo.



Vocals, Guitar, Story Teller & Booking

With his black hair, brown eyes and family roots that run South of the border, JD looks more like he should be in a mariachi band than an Irish one. But he's always had a jig in his step, a song in his heart and a glass of cheer in his hand. So although his lineage is only 2% Irish, green runs throughout his veins. He is quite at home belting out Irish sing-alongs, ballads and drinking songs. He lends his voice as one of the lead vocals and pounds out the rhythm on the guitar.

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